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High Speed Internet Access - HSIA

Hotel High Speed Internet access (HSIA) solutions

The amenities your guests expect. The reliability you need to keep them satisfied.

You've covered the beds and pillows, tidied up the room, and checked the cable TV. Fresh towels are in the bathrooms and brand-new soap bars are placed in the shower But don't forget your Internet service. 

Over past few years, the hospitality industry has embraced HSIA solutions as a required amenity to attract technology-oriented consumers to their properties. Lodgeport offers commercial grade HSIA wired & wireless Internet access solutions that meet major hotel chain HSIA standards. We've completed HSIA project installations for major brand hotels that provide their guests with reliable, cost effective HSIA Internet access. 

Lodgeport managed HSIA Solutions Benefits

  • Complete end-to-end service: All HSIA equipment is installed and maintained by Lodgeport. No technical knowledge is required by onsite staff.
  • No Burden on Site Staff: We provide the technical support so your customers contact us for help, not your staff. 
  • 24/7 Monitoring: We remotely monitor all service equipment all the time. Our monitoring system alerts us a the first sign of trouble and we remotely repair or dispatch a local technician to correct the problem. 
  • Marketing Materials : We provide table placards, windows stickers, and brochures to assist your customers in using the service. 
  • Promote Your Business: Your location page is the first page that your customers see regardless of what they type in their browser. This page is used to highlight the service and to provide an opportunity to up sell to your customers. 

Increased Customer Traffic

  • Attract new customers that want to stay connected. WiFi is no longer about just laptops. Many technology oriented customers carry cell phones, PDA's, and other web enabled portable electronic devices which rely on 2.4 GHz wireless technology to download large files.
  • Word of mouth advertising. When your customers are happy they will drive more customers to your location through recommendations to co-workers, friends, and family. 
  • Avoid losing customers to competitors. If you're not offering WiFi then you are at a competitive disadvantage.


Drive Revenues and Margins

  • Keep customers for longer to spur additional, high-margin purchases.
  • Customers choose you over businesses that do not offer WiFi.
  • Portal up sell leads to more selling opportunities.


Build Customer Loyalty

  • Tie-in with Frequent Customer programs
  • Promote service in advertising and in-store marketing materials

Our systems are designed on 802.11AC standards utilizing enterprise class wireless equipment. Beginning with a free consultation, we review your property from end to end to determine the correct type and mix of equipment needed. Once we have determined the type of equipment and budget to work within, we use a variety of WiFi prediction tools to determine the optimum placements of access points, repeaters, and WiFi antennas on your property. Each of our systems are custom designed to the unique characteristics of your site. 

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