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Turtle Crawl Inn

Lodgeport Installation Project Spotlight – Turtle Crawl Inn Longboat Key.


Lodgeport has been working with The Turtle Crawl Inn for 6 years, providing WIFI and guest support services. Recently, we had the privilege of upgrading their property to the Ruckus Wireless H350 WIFI 6 access points. With the addition of 10 new access points, the property now has a total of 35 onsite access points.

During the upgrade, we also installed a new firewall and upgraded four network switches to ensure each unit had full access to hard wire and wireless Internet throughout the site. The tower units were also completely rewired due to cabling damage during recent renovations.


Thanks to the newly installed WIFI 6 system, each onsite unit can now enjoy up to a full 1 GB of throughput. We're excited to continue serving The Turtle Crawl Inn for their guest support needs and look forward to more future projects with them.


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