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Wireless WiFi Hotspot Solutions for Hotels, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, WiFi Hotels

Lodgeport specializes in the planning, installation, and service of cafe Internet solutions. Using open-mesh equipment, we are able to provide a captive portal for your guest while mainitng costs that are reasonable for cafe owners.

Hotels - Cafe's - Bars "Internet Access"

Hotels, Cafe's and Bars are faced with an increasing demand for guest and visitor connectivity throughout the entire premises; guest rooms, restaurants, lobbies, outdoor areas. Having the ability to offer an internet access service will give you the opportunity to:

  • Increase your visitors by offering FREE access, paid or both.

  • Secure an on going revenue for your hotel, caravan park or village.

  • Increase your company profile and win new customers.

  • Provide a valuable service to your customers.

Hotspot solution 1 - Self Managed Hotspot

The self managing solution means that you have the benefit of setting your tariffs, issuing your own tickets and retaining all revenue generated from user sales. A simple one time installation and setup fee will get your business up and running. Management of the Hotspot is simple and tickets are issued either by a ticket machine or printed from a PC.

The "home page" of the hotspot is fully customisable, providing you with the ability to advertise your business or sell the advertising space to other business to generate other income! You can display your own company website or use the internal webserver built in. So if you are a cafe, you can configure your food menu to pop up in a window every 10 minutes!

Benefits of "Self Management":
One time only setup and installation fee.
You retain ALL revenue from users.
Built in credit card payment system.
Customisable "Home page" for advertising your business!

Hotspot solution 2 - Part Management Hotspot

The part managed solution means that you can provide a Wi-Fi hotspot solution to your customers without the additional investment of owning your own system. You simply rent the system for a small monthly fee. This is an ideal way to startup your hotspot business without having to become involved with technical details.

The benefits of "Part Management"
No initial hardware costs.
Small monthly fee
You set your tariff rates for visitors.
You retain ALL revenue from users.
Built in credit card payment system.
Customisable "Home page" for advertising your business!

Hotspot solution 3 - High Speed Internet access solutions for larger premises

If you are a hotel looking to provide your visitors with wired and wireless high speed internet access our "Internet Service Gateway" or ISG system is ideal for any size deployment. It supports a number of different Property Management Systems in the management interface including Marriott, Micro’s Fedelio and Spectrum MKII systems, in addition it is possible to configure other types of PMS's manually. The ISG can be managed via the easy-to-use, platform-independent web-based management system or SNMP.

The ISG supports both RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) and proprietary implementation to authenticate, authorize and record the Internet usage of customers. The RADIUS support gives service providers an easy way to manage and maintain a large group of subscribers over the Internet, while the built-in authentication server allows an administrator to control and authenticate a subscriber’s access rights based on a login name and password.

Internet usage can be easily charged by pre-defined billing plans (by either minute, hour, day or other options). With the PMS interface, the ISG can easily provide information on the Internet usage of different customers to the existing property management system in a hotel application.

The ISG offers homepage redirection as well as multiple URL-link redirections for advertising options for service providers, hotels or property owners. The internet gateway allows hotel managers to create a ”walled garden” where unauthenticated users can be granted free access to selected links.

People on the move want to stay in touch. Look around you iPods, iPhones, iPads, Andriods, and many more devices! Businessmen on the road or students on their travels both want access
to their email and the internet through their PDA devices and they look for Wi-Fi to get that access. . A wireless hotspot is an excellent way to allow your guests to access the internet over a shared broadband connection. It will attract visitors to your premises and encourage them to stay longer and
spend more money with you. And best of all, it will generate a revenue stream which will typically pay for the equipment and running costs and generate a healthy profit within months of installation.

Our experienced technicians begin the process by performing a site survey to determine your current Wi-Fi situation. The result of the site survey is a tailored proposal that fits the requirements of YOUR business.

We always listen to you and never try to sell you equipment you really don't need. Lodgeport is in business for small business and as such we know that you have budgets to live within. 


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